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HIGIENE-SERVICIO, S.L. was established in 1972. It is officially registered at ROESBA at the JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA, CONSEJERÍA DE SALUD, SERVICIO DE SALUD AMBIENTAL.

We provide with treatment certificates, in accordance with the current legislation. Certificates are issued for each disinsection, disinfection and rat control intervention we make.

Our highly qualified staff is in possession of the "Pesticide Applicator License", following the up-to-date egulations to perform biocidal treatments.Granted by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, SUBDIRECCIÓN GENERAL DE SANIDAD AMBIENTAL Y SALUD LABORAL.

We are a team of experienced and qualified professionals at your service in these areas:


Call our company to make your places healthy. Take advantage of our expertise to develop your disinfection processes. The Coronavirus is a virus that attacks the immune and defense systems of humans. HIGISER, offers its preventive and curative services in the face of the epidemic that is threatening us. We recommend our applications using "atmospheric treatment" via a nebulization process, so we can limit the epidemiological process, and limit human contamination. This treatment will annihilate all infectious germs present in offices, school buildings, canteens, restaurants, businesses, swimming pools, hotels, and so on.

We will use virucidal, antibacterial and anti-pathogenic biocide products, leaving no chemical residue on furniture and other surfaces, as well as in the atmosphere.

Legionella is a bacterium that causes Legionellosis, an infectious disease that is contracted through the respiratory tract and can develop as pneumonia. We do monitoring of legionella on domestic hot water installations.

Our technicians are highly qualified in the services of prevention and control of Legionella in Malaga and Andalusia. We achieve excellent results in compliance with national regulations (Royal Decree 865/2003 and Andalusian, Decree 287 / 2002) which establishes sanitary hygiene criteria for the prevention and control of legionella.

HIGISER is responsible for evaluating your installations at risk and designing the appropriate maintenance programs to avoid the possible development of this dangerous bacterium.


Our team of rat control experts work throughout the "Costa del Sol" and we can work in your area. We consider ourselves as a real expert in rat control and we can deal with any issues. If you are invaded by rodents (rats, mice ...), we will offer you a suitable solution to eliminate them as quickly as possible with our latest rat control methods. We are also ready for quick and effective preventive or curative interventions in compliance with our environment.


Our pest control company offers a wide range of professional services to get rid of harmful insects. Extermination of cockroaches, crawling insects, flying insects, ants, moths, mosquitoes ... The persistence of our products against insects, guarantees you immediate and lasting results.

HIGISER works effectively in your home or in your business to stop the proliferation of cockroaches, ants, moths, bedbugs, termites, wasps, etc.

Our team of professionals will identify the degree of contamination and suggest the most appropriate treatment while respecting sanitary and public health standards.

Phytosanitary treatments.

Endotherapy, is the biological solution (by injections into the trunk of trees) against processionary caterpillars (pines), red weevils (palm trees) and insects of fruit trees,

We also do spraying an insecticide emulsion against ants, wasps, insects on plants and shrubs in gardens and around swimming pools.

High pressure cleaning - Hydrosandblaster and Sandblaster.

Our team performs high pressure cleaning with industrial machines to remove the most difficult dirt from all surfaces, such as stone mold, graffiti on facades, chewing gum on sidewalks, vinyl stickers on glass, cleaning awnings, tents, swimming pools and sidewalks. We clean all types of facades regardless of their manufacturing material: brick, metal, natural stone, mortar ...


Private intervention or a professional intervention.

We do One-off intervention or annual contract.

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